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October 2011:
Tustin Ranch Road Extension. The City of Tustin has commenced grading and construction of the extension of Tustin Ranch Road from Warner Avenue (The District commercial center) to Walnut Avenue across the former Tustin Marine Air Station. Scheduled for completion in 2013, this road project includes a bridge over Edinger Avenue and will provide an important  new thoroughfare between Tustin and Irvine.  NMG was involved in the design and is now part of the construction team with the City.
September 2011:
Blackstone Residential Project. Shea Communities has resumed grading of the next large phase of the Blackstone Project (also known as Tonner Hills).  This phase of grading includes 3 million cubic yards of surface to surface grading with about as much remedial grading on top of that.  NMG is providing observation, testing and geotechnical consulting on the project.
October 2010:
Rentech Renewable Energy Plant, Rialto, California. NMG completed a preliminary geotechnical exploration and design effort for a “green waste” to energy plant in an old quarry site in Rialto.  Valued at over half a billion dollars in construction, if completed, the plant would convert landscape waste to aviation fuel as well as co-generate electricity.
October 2009:
Innovative “Executive Builder” Program Continues. Irvine Company Community Development (ICCD) has invited NMG to provide geotechnical services for their new Executive Builder program in East Irvine. ICCD prepares the plans, grades the pads, constructs infrastructure and secures permits. The Builders build homes! NMG is also providing services to the home builders, including Brookfield Homes, KB Home, and The NewHome Company.

Roadwork Ahead! NMG, teaming with Earth Mechanics, Inc., completed the subsurface exploration phase of the proposed 1.75-mile Foothill Parkway, a major arterial road planned in the southwestern portion of the City of Corona.
September 2009:
3-Year Project Awarded! NMG was awarded by Irvine Ranch Water District soils and materials testing contracts for the Phase II expansion of the Michelson Water Reclamation Plant near the San Joaquin Marsh.
August 2009:
New Laboratory Certification. NMG’s soil and concrete laboratory received certification of approval from the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.
July 2009:
Grand Opening! The Boy Scouts of America opened the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center at Irvine Regional Park. The Education Center sits on over 200 acres of land donated by The Irvine Company. Grading and construction of the center was initiated in 2005 – NMG donated professional consulting services during grading and construction of this unique facility.